The Last Interview with MC Breed

MC Breed: The Last Interview

Jonathan Hay and Chad Kiser were handling the publicity for MC Breed right at the time of his ill-fated death.  Everything was going well in the world of MC Breed – then suddenly one day last September, he collapsed while playing basketball and almost passed away.  As soon as he checked out of the hospital, we got him an exclusive on TMZ

CLICK HERE to check out TMZ‘s report on MC Breed‘s hospital visit.

After he was released from the hospital, MC Breed seemed to be fine and in good spirits, and we were in the middle of a PR campaign for the upcoming album that he was working on. MC Breed passed away just weeks later in November, which served as a shock to everyone.

CLICK HERE for the sad report of MC Breed‘s death on MTV NEWS.

We had the opportunity to speak with MC Breed right before his death which, unknown to us at the time, would end up being his last interview before his death. Ironically, MC Breed opens up in our conversation with complete transparency about life and death. This chilling and sad final interview can be heard on Allhiphop.

CLICK HERE for MC Breed‘s last interview (By Chad Kiser & Jonathan Hay).