Hoopla Media Group

Hoopla Media Group

Together, Jonathan Hay and Sabrina Hale have formed an entity, Hoopla Media Group, LLC.   Hoopla Media Group, also referred to as HMG, has full distribution through LRT/InGrooves/Universal Music Group.

This powerhouse merger also includes distribution through Vivendi for all video, movie and DVD releases. Hoopla Media Group has quickly been building a roster of legendary, multi-platinum and upcoming artists of all genres and is becoming a dominant brand throughout the entertainment industry.

Hoopla Media Group Welcomes Justin Melo


(Above: Justin Melo with Crooked I and Royce Da 59 Inset: Justin Melo with Tech Ni9e)

Hoopla Media Group (partnered with LRT/Universal Music Group) welcomes Justin Melo, who we’ve brought in to head the A&R division of our rapidly rising company.

Right of the bat, Justin Melo has been instrumental in solidifying the Hoopla Canada division, as well as bringing major projects to Team Hoopla. We welcome him and all his energy, knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as his extreme prolific work ethic.

Here is what a few prominent people in the industry have to say about Justin Melo:

Styles (AllHipHop.Com): “What can I say about Justin? He is a very good worker. I first started working with him about two years ago. I saw something special in him, a willingness to learn this craft and do a good job at it. He just had a desire to learn. Since day one, he’s picked up the journalist craft. He never went to school for it or took any classes or anything, just by following other examples Justin has just learned how to do it and he’s done a great job. He’s interviewed dozens and dozens of major artists and he’s been professional and he asks great questions and also get’s his work done in a timely manner. He’s really blown. What else can I say? I’m really proud of Justin and what he’s done.”

The D.O.C.: “Justin is a pleasure to work with. He is a little ball of fire who has all of the information. He will stay on your ass until you get all of the information. His energy is good and you can tell that the guy is a good person. I have a lot of respect for his talent. I really appreciate working with Justin.”

Willie Hen (Scarface protégé, 1/3rd of The Product): “You know, Justin is an addict Hip-Hop fan. He has work ethic like no other. If I had to describe Justin in one word, it would be persistent. Justin wouldn’t leave me alone until he got his interview out of me, and I respect that. If I could say one thing about Justin, he is a persistent dude with a lot of love for Hip-Hop and he is serious about the stuff he listens to.”

Bad Azz: “What’s up world? This is Bad Azz, the president of California and the CEO of $$ Records. I want to give a big shout out to Justin because he puts it down every time he comes around. He is very business savvy and puts together great interviews. He always has the updates on what it is. If you’re not tuned in, you better get familiar with Justin. Like I said, a big shout out to my homie Justin because he keeps it cracking.”

Glasses Malone: “Working with Justin is incredible. It’s real easy, he makes it a pleasure and it’s not hard. It’s real simple to work with Justin because he doesn’t make everything hard for you. He simply knows how to get the job done. Justin is very professional.”

Trick Trick (Eminem protégé): “I worked Justin back when I was promoting my second album, “The Villain.” He helped me do a great deal of promotion and I like working with him. Justin does great work with everything he works with. He does what he does with precision. If you want to get your business right, go ahead and work with Justin.”

Knoc-turn’al: “One thing for sure is, Justin is definitely a cool cat. He is a young and up and coming cat, but he really challenges himself and that’s what I like about him. Some people don’t stay on their grind or hustle and don’t do what there supposed to do. One thing that is for sure about Justin is that he worked on a lot of Hip-Hop websites for a long time and he paid his dues. He does what he’s supposed to do and calls you back when he’s supposed to call you. He makes sure that everything he does is based on what you want to do for your own career. One thing I do know about Justin is that he keeps his word and that is good for a young man. That is what I appreciate most about Justin.”

BlackOwned C-Bone: Justin Melo is the man out in Canada. He blew up my “Star Wars” record and we had Big Boi of Outkast present it. Justin Melo put that record on blast for me and everybody loved it. I got many calls about it, it was downloaded a lot and many other people called me about having it for download on their sites as well. I got many calls about other interviews because Justin Melo blew me up. Justin Melo, we have to do more work together.”

Stat Quo: “Justin Melo is real dope to work with, and I appreciate him.”

To schedule an appointment or consultation with Justin Melo, contact Hoopla Media Group at 310.402.6949.