Days of the New: The Definitive Collection

Days of the New: Definitive Collection
Days of the New: The Definitive Collection (Geffen Records) is in stores now. This album is an amazing collection of the hit songs from Days of the New. Days of the New broke modern rock records with a staggering 17 weeks #1 on the Billboard Charts.  Days of the New has scored an incredible feat of six songs that have hit the Billboard , with hit singles such as “Touch, Peel and Stand”, “Downtown”, “Shelf in The Room”, “Enemy”, “Weapon and The Wound” and “Hang On To This.”

This album features the popular songs from all three of the major releases, indentified by color “Orange”, “Green” and “Red”.  This album is an added bonus to your collection as it features multi-platinum producers Ron Aniello (Lifehouse, Barenaked Ladies, Jars of Clay) and Scott Litt (R.E.M, Nirvana, Incubus, Counting Crows) and many more.

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Like many people in the industry, publicist Jonathan Hay got his professional start in the music industry through Days of the New – and still assists them to this day.

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