Dr. Dre: The Aftermath of Tragedy

Dr. Dre
After the sudden loss of Dr. Dre‘s son late last year, Jonathan Hay wrote “Dr. Dre: The Aftermath of Tragedy”, an article about the unfortunate tragedy, as part of his Haywire Blog on Dubcnn.

Dr. Dre: The Aftermath of Tragedy

“Parents don’t expect to outlive their children. Unfortunately, tragedy has literally hit home for fêted music mogul, Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. My heart goes out to the broken-hearted family of the deceased, who are excruciatingly suffering.

Right now, Dr. Dre is painfully dealing with the unfortunate loss of his son. The grieving process is unbearable and no amount of words could comfort such bereavement. As a parent, you will never have any greater pain in your life than losing your own child. Moreover, when you suffer through such a heightened emotional time of sadness and melancholy, you undoubtedly question God. I think during such severe and grueling times like these, many people become…”

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