Chuck D with Jonathan Hay and DJ Atlas Jenkins

Chuck D Speaks on Eminem

Jonathan Hay and DJ Atlas Jenkins got to spend some time with Public Enemy‘s very own, Chuck D.  At first they admitted to being starstruck when talking to the man who served as a childhood idol to both of them, but were quickly able to overcome any nervousness and deliver a very memorable conversation with the legendary Chuck D.

What started out as a simple interview, turned into an astounding two-hour audio documentary, which will be released throughout the hip-hop community as a ground-breaking and insightful series, called “Intellectual Vietnam with Chuck D by Jonathan Hay & DJ Atlas Jenkins“.  They will be placing these audio segments everywhere in the media, on all of your favorite hip-hop sites.   

Several news outlets just broke a related story by Jonathan Hay & DJ Atlas Jenkins in which Chuck D speaks about Eminem.   Here are some of the major media sources that picked up on it:

Click Here: Chuck D Speaks to Jonathan Hay and DJ Atlas Jenkins

Free Download: Chuck D Speaks on Eminem with Jonathan Hay

Spike Lee said the following about Chuck D: “Chuck has been critizied as being angry, militant, or radical, as have many strong, uncompromising voices who have stood up to present a point of view that subverts the mainstream.”

The Rolling Stone Magazine has listed Public Enemy as one of the “100 Greatest Artists Of All Time.

Check out the “Jonathan Hay Publicity Exclusive Video” below, featuring Chuck D with Vlad Yudin.  We gave this video to Rock The Dub and they broke it out everywhere.

JHP Exclusive: Chuck D with Vlad Yudin for Rock The Dub!

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