Nappy Roots Talk About Publicist Jonathan Hay

Nappy Roots talk about publicist Jonathan Hay and what he did with the classic, viral single “No Static” in an exclusive interview with Word of South.

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“We had that record [No Static] for a few years in the vault. I was actually gonna use that for my solo project, if I ever got around to it. I always liked it, but didn’t really give it that much thought because we were making so many records. We have a lot of songs like that just sitting around. It’s a shame huh?

Thanks to Jonathan Hay our publicist, because when I sent it to him, he went ape shit and leaked it immediately. If it wasn’t for him doing that, “No Static” would still be on my personal playlist collecting dust. We blew the dust off that bitch, got in touch with Greg Nice and asked him to re-spit the hook so we didn’t have to clear the sample and off we went. That record is one of our biggest viral joints to date.” -Skinny Deville/Nappy Roots to Word of South

Read this amazing, in-depth and exclusive interview with Nappy Roots as they speak on everything about their Pursuit of Nappyness.

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