Sandi Jackson / 7th Ward Community Fundraiser and Jonathan Hay Publicity

We are proud to announce that Jonathan Hay Publicity was able to assist Chicago, Illinois’ 7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson, wife of Jesse Jackson Jr (son of Jesse Jackson).

Jonathan Hay Publicity was involved in the 7th Ward Community Fundraiser/Silent Auction where funds were raised towards the following initiatives:

A. Building After School Arts Programs throughout all of the 7th Ward High Schools for underprivileged youth.
B. 7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson’s “Each One, Teach One” voter educational program for young people.
C. 7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson’s “Crime Prevention Initiative Program.”

Also, Jonathan Hay Publicity will be featured in an upcoming 7th Ward bi-weekly newsletter that goes out electronically to many constituents (85,000+ strong).

We are so honored to be involved in this event.  Our main goal here at JHP is to truly make a difference in the world.

Contact Jonathan Hay Publicity at or call 310.402.6949