E-Man from Power 106 and Jonathan Hay

Yahoo! reported the following:

“As one of today’s most sought after celebrity publicists, Jonathan Hay appears to be one of the busiest guys in the entertainment industry.

So when he met up with one of today’s most powerful radio stations, Power 106, to interview the station’s music director, E-Man, he knew all of the right questions to ask, which made for a fascinating and informative read on how commercial radio works.

“Let’s just all get along. The perception I get from many people across the country is that ‘west coast’ artists don’t get along with each other…we need to fix that.”  –  E-Man

According to BDS, Power 106 KPWR is the top-ranked Rhythmic formatted radio station in the United States.”

Read the interview here: http://www.dubcnn.com/interviews/eman-power106/