National Best-Selling Author Joy Deja King with Jonathan Hay Publicity

Jonathan Hay Publicity is proud to announce our newest client, national best-selling author and speaker, Joy Deja King. King is known for her young, hip and sexy novels, including her mega-popular Bitch series. More news to come.

Her project is breaking fast, as we just headlines on one of the biggest urban gossip sites in the world – – MediaTakeOut.  Click Here for news on MediaTakeOut

In a recent interview by our very own Raina Webber, King admits that the characters in her book Hooker to Housewife were based around Kim Porter and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, going on to explain, “of course, I changed a lot of things but people thought she had it so good being with him. Oh, please, she was constantly playing herself! But at the same time, Puff knew what type of chick she was, so he got what he deserved.”

Read the article on HipHopRuckus by clicking the link below:

Kim Porter Attempted Fake Suicide to Trick P. Diddy Into Marriage, Says Author

With ties all throughout the Hip-Hop and urban entertainment world, King brilliantly laces bits and pieces of her life within every book, strategically making you wonder which details are facts and which are fiction, and who she could be talking about.

To read all the inside dirt on Diddy, pick up a copy of Joy Deja King’s Dirty Little Secrets (paying special attention to the character named “T-Roc”)

Also pick up a copy of King’s most recent novel, Trife Life to Lavish: Part 2, available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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