Ludacris Presents I-20 (Hoopla Media Group)

Hoopla Media Group released the exclusive video “The Eulogy” from I-20 presented by Ludacris.  We got this video on WorldStar, and we even had Ludacris tweet about it to his million plus followers. 

Click here to watch Ludacris Presents: “The Eulogy” by I-20 on WorldStarHiphop that had over 120,000 views (and counting) — and make sure you check our “Hoopla Meda Group” credit at the link. 

Nobody can say that Hoopla Media Group hasn’t arrived.  Just take a look at what we are doing and the major moves that are being made.  It’s a blessing to be assoicated with anything Ludacris. 

Shot out to our dedicated team-members for making this Hoopla thing explode!!!!