Afterschool: The Movie / Soblu Inc / Jonathan Hay Publicity

Soblu Inc — a company that operates out of Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA — has brought on Jonathan Hay Publicity to work with upcoming movie “Afterschool.”  JH Publicity will be working on this project along side the other well-known and established pr firms such as TENGPR, Candice Nicole Public Relations and the awesome in-house marketing and promotions team of Soblu Inc.  Afterschool will be released in 2012 with a star-studded cast which will be announced with a grand entrance announcement.

Afterschool is a coming-of-age comedy that follows the summer of five high school BFF’s who are reunited in D.C. after very different college experiences. Four years and another graduation later, the crew find themselves lost in an unfamiliar world of student loans, rent, 401k options and business casual. While some of them struggle to transition into the “successful” young adults that they’d always envisioned themselves to be, others take the new pressures in stride, going above and beyond, and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Presenting a dynamic yet relatable ensemble cast that is reminiscent of an updated Reality Bites meets That ’70s Show with an urban, post-college twist, Afterschool gives a hilarious account of a summer full of misadventures that will force these five young adults to truly decide what kind of life they want to lead, after school.

Jonathan Hay Publicity has successful film experience from past films with EMI, Vivendi/Universal, Lions Gate, Entertainment One , New Line Cinema and more.

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