Big Sports & Entertainment / JH Publicity LLC

JH Publicity / Jonathan Hay Publicity was hired by Big Sports & Entertainment, the powerhouse company that represents professional athletes and recording artists.  The principles of Big Sports Entertainment have been providing services since 1989 with Bo Blunt the President and Founder confided and guided such stars as Hall-of-Famer, Barry Sanders, one of the greatest running backs of all-time who is also the third leading rusher in the history of the NFL.

Big Sports & Entertainment is made up of the following people:

*Bo Blunt — CEO/Founder

*Joe King — Vice President who played in the NFL for five seasons

*Barry Foster — Spokesperson who was an All-Pro Running Back from the Pittsburg Steelers.

*Mark Duckens — Spokesperson who played in the NFL for 3 seasons as a defensive lineman.

*Jonathan Hay and Justin Melo — Publicists from JH Publicity.

Big Sports & Entertainment is approved and registered with the NFLPA.  For more information visit: