DMC of RUN-DMC & Jonathan Hay Publicity

Jonathan Hay has been working with the icon, DMC 0f Run-DMC – arguably the most important group & brand in hip-hop history.  It was Eminen who inducted Run-DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and DMC memorized everyone with an emotional and powerful acceptance speech for the most prestige award in all of music.

Right now, JHP has begun a full publicity campaign with the original King of Queens himself — the legendary DMC.  We have a special series of exclusive interviews and articles going up, in which we will link here on this site — once they are published all throughout the various major media outlets.

We started this PR campaign off with a bang with our good friends over at SOHH who gave us over a week of full blown media coverage.  Read this first part with DMC and SOHH by clicking here. Here is the second part that we did with SOHH, which you can also read by clicking here.  Here is the third part that just ran, which you read by clicking here.  Here is the forth part that can be read here. Countless websites and blogs all over the world have been picking up and sourcing our many stories with SOHH — for example, BET just picked it up here and so did HHDX here.

We also just did a radio interview with DMC and my good friend AJ, which you can read about it by clicking here (We will have the radio interview for exclusive download here shortly).

Stay tuned to JHP World  — as DMC with the assistance of Jonathan Hay Publicity, is in the middle of a full internet takeover.

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