Jonathan Hay Publicity + Lunatic + Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment (Hoopla Worldwide)

We here at Jonathan Hay Publicity and Lunatic Management have been moving and shaking with some major high-profile moves — including our work with NFL Star Chris Johnson and his Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment.  Click Here to see the first part of our CJ2K exclusive video that we arranged (complete with our logos in broadcast). Click Here to see the second part of our video broadcast.  Also click here to read this major story that we are credited in – – then keep going and click here to read this other article with ANOTHER one our placements.

We are all part of the Hoopla Worldwide family – –  and collectively, we offer every service available in the entertainment industry.  We have a team of professionals at the highest level in every field of the business.  Give us a call 310.402.6949 – Send us an email, – or add us on Facebook – as we are a one-stop shop for everything entertainment related.

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