WIDEawake Entertainment Group Announcement!

WIDEawake Entertainment Group has issued a one sheet announcing their new labels they have acquired, including our company Hoopla Worldwide. Click on the official one-sheet directly to the right to view it >>>

We are excited to announce that Best Hand Entertainment, KP Records, DS Syndicate and Hoopla Worldwide are now with WIDEawake Entertainment/ eOne Music Distribtuion.

Best Hand Entertainment will be releasing former Death Row Records  singer/songwriter Jewell’s “My Blood, My Sweat, and My Tears”. Many will remember Jewell from the many classic albums she sang on including timeless classics such as “The Chronic”, “Dogg Food”,  “All Eyez On Me”, “Murder Was The Case” and more.

KP Records is an Australian record label founded by Big Dave and based in Canberra, specializing in local hip-hop and R&B. KP prides itself on being an example of the new music industry, an example of the new business model brought to life by the rise of the internet and the fall of traditional industry standards.

The DS Syndicate (D Sound Syndicate) is a global entity formed in Detroit, MI, consisting of  Best Hand Entertainment, Grand Slam Entertainment, and Payne Productions. The sole purpose of the DS Syndicate is to take fresh, cutting edge, up and coming artists and propel them to another level of success. With strong alliances through radio and industry insiders, DS Syndicate has what’s needed to achieve success.

Hoopla Worldwide is a full-service company that has developed international media campaigns for a wide range of entertainment and lifestyle clients at the highest level. Hoopla has representatives worldwide to provide their clients with infinite capabilities. Hoopla Worldwide has upcoming projects slated for release in early 2012 with some of the biggest artists in the world.

All of these labels are looking forward to releasing music with a full and complete worldwide physical (CD, Vinyl) and digital distribution venture through WIDEawake Entertainment & eOne Music. WIDEawake Entertainment is the same company that purchased the catalog of Death Row Records for $18 Million in 2009.

All of us in this new multi-million dollar conglomerate with Hoopla Worldwide, Best Hand Entertainment, KP Records, and DS Syndicate are all honored to a part of this ongoing historical legacy.  Contact Hoopla Worldwide at info@hooplaworldwide.com