Major Upcoming Placement

We’ve been working on an upcoming major print story/interview to be released soon.  We were able to work with two extraordinary individuals by the name of Alex Pappademas and Brent Humpries, who are both working at the highest level in there professions.

Alex Pappademas is a writer who has too many amazing credits to name, but here is one of our favorites:  he did the the Jay-Z GQ Man of the Year cover story.  Alex Pappademas sat down with Jay-Z for a fantastic article that you can read at

Brent Humpries served as the photographer for this upcoming piece and, much like Alex, he has too many exceptional credits to list.  Visit his website to view his wonderful portfolio at

… it doesn’t get better than that.

When this print story we’ve been involved with hits the newsstands, we will surely let you know.