The Rihanna Stunt: Jonathan Hay’s “rumor” recognized as one of all-time greats in Pop Music History

Amongst The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, a publicity stunt formulated by Jonathan Hay ranked on the list of “The Ten Greatest False Rumors in Pop History”, according to PopDust.

The rumor—which Hay helped strategically spread throughout tabloids, radio stations, gossip blogs, forums and pop communities online—circulated the media at lightening speed. Many claim that it was this rumor that helped propel Rihanna’s debut single “Pon de Replay” from Timbuktu to Number 2 on the Billboard chart records. Soon after, she became one of the biggest selling artists of all-time.

The Top Ten list on PopDust is preceded by the biggest rumors of all-time, including the time Marilyn Manson was rumored to have removed one of his ribs, Rod Stewart was said to have had his stomach pumped, Lady Gaga was pronounced a hermaphrodite, and the biggest one of all: when The Beatles’ Paul McCartney was rumored to have died in 1967 and replaced with a lookalike.

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