The Haymaker TV Show | A New Reality TV Series

The Haymaker with Jonathan Hay
Photo by Kim Shouse

Building a family, record label, recording studio and marijuana dispensary under one roof has to be a challenge. Can he make it all work? Watch it unfold on The Haymaker.

For the first time in his life, the 41-year-old will meet his birth parents who were forced to give him up for adoption when they were teenagers. “The first time I ever spoke to my birth father was on the phone late last year on our way to meet up with Kxng Crooked who was taking us to Eminem’s studio in Detroit,” said Hay. Jonathan Hay was a co-executive producer for the Shady Records/Slaughterhouse member’s album, Sex, Money and Hip-Hop. Hay was also a producer and co-songwriter on a few of the songs, and had a heavy hand in the publicity, marketing and distribution of the album. “That album with Crook will always be special to me,” Hay added. “Which is one of the reasons I was happy for it to be released on my birthday, December 16th, because this past birthday was the first one I’ve had where I actually knew my birth parent’s names and was no longer paralyzed by the mystery.” Hay will meet his birth mother and father for the first time on camera in what will undoubtedly be an emotional reunion.

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UPDATE: Jonathan Hay speaks to US Weed Channel about They Haymaker with some updates about the show:

ANOTHER UPDATE: Daily Chiefers posted our single “I Didn’t Mean To Treat You Bad” by Kxng Crooked feat Shalé. Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and King Tech produced the song that is available today on Spoitfy or Tidal. Notice how we ended the song at exactly 4:20?

People at JHP our daily chiefers indeed.