Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and King Tech Produce New Single for Kxng Crooked (Slaughterhouse / Shady Records) and Shalé

I Didn't Mean To Treat You Bad with Kxng Crooked and Shale (Produced by Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and DJ King Tech)

Producers Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith had an idea to do an interpolation of ’90s alternative rock staple “Far Behind” by Candlebox and that’s how “I Didn’t Mean To Treat You Bad” was born. Kxng Crooked from Slaughterhouse (Shady Records) and Shalé did all the vocals for a single from When Music Worlds Collide now available on Spotify and Jay Z’s TIDAL. The song was co-produced by King Tech from Sway and Tech from Shade 45.
Our single is getting great traction online from the major sites and blogs.

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The song is on thousands of websites worldwide. Request the single on Shade 45.

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