A Call To Action “Cyberbullying”

Jonathan Hay

Being in the internet spotlight can have a real life downside, and some have experienced this ugly side to the extreme. Since September of 2014, an entertainment company has directly targeted multi-platinum industry veteran Jonathan Hay online, by cyberbullying him personally and professionally, and cyberattacking all of his companies – including Jonathan Hay Publicity and various other endeavors. These bullies have spent months spreading outlandish and ridiculous lies, viciously slandering his reputation and the reputation of his family members, and also maliciously targeting his closest companion and business partner.

“Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had to call the FBI, the FTC and local law enforcement to report various criminal activities in which we’ve been victims.” Hay said. “Within the last few days, we had to contact a government official with a serious false allegation made against my family members, which caused an immense amount of pain to everyone involved.”

Hay continued, “These slanderous attacks have included vicious lies such as impregnating minors, crimes against women like dislocating an eyeball out of a socket, and lies about other violent acts that are meant only to deceive, defame and destroy our reputations, our companies, and the lives of our families.”

Hay explains that these sinister stories are being made up by the same company, and that all of the random false allegations online are connected to the same people, but are being posted to look as if they’re coming from various individuals. For SEO purposes it seems – in order to boost their position in the search engine – these bullies have also named high-profile celebrities such as Rihanna, Whitney Houston and her father’s company, John Houston Entertainment (where Jonathan Hay once served as Vice President under Kevin Skinner). By attaching these defaming posts to frequently searched celebrity names, it enhances their visibility online and the chance at being seen by more people.

“We know exactly who these cyberbullies are who are hiding behind these anonymous posts,” says Hay. This malicious activity directed at Hay began last September when fake client reviews, stories about unsubstantiated crimes, and other false claims started popping up online, in what seems to obviously be an effort to alter the general public’s online perception of him and his affiliates.

Hay experienced another downside of these cyberbullying attacks shortly after he reunited with his biological birth parents, whom he’d been searching for his entire life. He didn’t know anything about his blood relatives or where he came from until recently, and says he was shocked to discover that he also has biological brothers and sisters as well. “Naturally, finally solving a lifetime mystery that I never expected to solve was a very exciting and emotional time for all of us. But it was also humiliating for me at the same time because when [my recently united family members] looked online to find out more about me, all of these lies and things were just out there on the internet for them to see.”

“We felt defeated,” Hay admitted. But then, he says he saw a cyberbullying report involving Curt Schilling on CNN that inspired him to take action. “We are seeking justice by going public against these people behind these online attacks. Soon, we will be releasing official government documents showing the dangerous and illegal extent that these people have gone to in an effort to hurt us, and many others around us. This is a call to action for everyone to unite and put together our resources. There’s strength in numbers and we’re asking the general public to get involved,” he says.

Anyone who has experienced or witnessed cyberbullying or knows someone who has been affected by cyberattacks, or anyone who would simply like to get involved and join this anti-bullying crusade, is urged to call or text Hay’s company at (502) 203-7723 or email at jonhay@gmail.com.

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