Becoming Beyonce | The “Rumor” Scandal


Jonathan Hay was caught in the middle of a story about The New York Times Best-Seller Becoming Beyonce, the unauthorized biography of Beyonce Knowles Carter by celebrity author J. Randy Taraborrelli. The New York Daily News broke the story about Hay’s involvement in the Jay Z / Rihanna “rumor” scandal. The news went viral and spread internationally from People Magazine all the way across the pond to The Daily Mail and the story started trending worldwide. With the cameras rolling, Jonathan spoke out on Inside Edition and publicly apologized to Beyonce.

We felt we needed to apologize to Beyonce and publicly distance Jonathan from the book. The story was leading to inaccurate headlines and stories throughout the mainstream press. Hay was blindsided by the release of the book and found out at the same time the rest of the world did. He still has not read the book. Hay has nothing against Taraborrelli and respects his right to free speech and opinion. But there were a lot of public misrepresentations in the press. Too much gossip and click-bait happening.

For the record, Jonathan Hay was hired independently by Vada Nobles to publicize “Pon de Replay”, the debut single from Rihanna. It’s public knowledge that Hay wrote RiRi’s first press release about her signing to Def Jam and Jay Z and her working with Nobles. Hay sent the release to Jennifer Vineyard and MTV News, and a blur was posted. And that was that. Other promotions for the single followed. Hay worked with Nobles off and on over two years on projects that included Rihanna, Hilary Duff and Angie Stone.

But all this was ten years ago. It’s over now. It was blown way out of proportion in the headlines last month and was made into something that it never was. Hopefully that publicity stunt “rumor” is finally put to rest.

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