Rihanna: Pon de Replay [Vada Nobles Lied To The New York Post About Jonathan Hay]

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Towards the end of the song “You Yeah” from The Urban Hitchcock LP (released today, March 1st), Jonathan Hay addresses the flat-out-lie Vada Nobles told The New York Post, where he claims Hay didn’t have any involvement with Rihanna’s debut single “Pon de Replay”.

It has been proven that Jonathan Hay broke “Pon de Replay” and that fact cannot be disputed. Vada Nobles also lied to the New York Post by claiming he met Hay “maybe once or twice”. The real truth is, Hay worked with Nobles for over two years. After they worked the Rihanna project together, they went on to work on both the Hilary Duff and Angie Stone projects.

Here are some emails sent over a two year period (2005 – 2007) from Nobles to Hay about Rihanna and some of the work they did together. See here:  The lies about Rihanna and Pon de Replay

Obviously, one can look through the emails Hay published and come up with their own conclusion.

The truth is crystal clear in the emails:  The lies about Rihanna and Pon de Replay

Jonathan Hay’s album The Urban Hitchcock LP is available now on all retail outlets.

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