Jonathan Hay heard on BET’s “One Shot” with his co-productions with Mike Smith

DJ Khaled One Shot BET Jonathan Hay Publicity

Jonathan Hay’s music that he co-wrote and co-produced with Mike Smith will be heard on BET’s television series “One Shot” that debuts on August 23rd at 10pm. “One Shot” features DJ Khaled, Sway Calloway, T.I., RZA, Tech N9ne and more.

See the official BET trailer here –

Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay SMH Records.jpg
Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay for “Deluxe: When Music Worlds Collide” out now on SMH Records / Urban Hitchcock. Photo Credit: Kim Shouse Photography

Jonathan Hay One Shot

Kxng Crooked, Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith as seen on BET’s One Shot