Bubba Sparxxx gets with Mike Smith and Jonathan Hay for Billboard Chart Topping Hit Beautiful Day!

Bubba Sparxxx is back! and having a beautiful day!! Sparxxx became a household name from his massive radio hits with Timblaland and The Dungeon Family such as “Ugly”, “Deliverance”, “Ms New Booty” (ft. Ying Yang Twins), etc. Sparxxx is still active and part of Yelawolf’s Slumerican family. Mr Sparxxx felt the Holy Spirit and jumped on the single “Beautiful Day” which lit up the Billboard Charts!!!

Check it out here – http://roughstock.com/track/2018/09/43371-mike-smith-jonathan-hay-featuring-bubba-sparxxx-beautiful-day-remix

The song will also be apart of the forthcoming album Jail Tattoos: The Jazz Revistiation.

Bubba Sparxxx, Mike Smith, Jonathan Hay Beautiful Day