Special Edition DVD: Jonathan Hay Publicity / EMI Label Group

Jonathan Hay Publicity has been working on the Big Pun project for the last two years — and just this week (09.28.2010) we released the “Special Collector’s Edition” which includes a lot of unreleased footage from today’s top superstars and some added bonus features.  This DVD was distributed through EMI Label Group and is available in all-stores…

Jonathan Hay arranged the special feature on SOHH with Vlad Yudin (director) called “5 Reasons to Buy My DVD” that you can read by clicking here

For more information, contact Jonathan Hay at 310.402.6949 or email jonhay@gmail.com


SOHH- Jonathan Hay Publicity

SOHH is one of the most popular urban sites in the world.  Rolling Stone Magazine writer Mark Binelli called SOHH the “best overall hip-hop site.”  SOHH just mentioned Jonathan Hay on the homepage of their world-famous website. 

Jonathan Hay is working with on the upcoming film with Twista and Vlad Yudin, which will be released through EMI Label. 

Click Here to see the SOHH story. 

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Big Pun -EMI – Jonathan Hay Publicity

EMI is re-releasing one of our projects Big Pun: The Legacy by Vlad Yudin in September of 2010 as a special collector’s edition, that includes never before seen concert footage and video, as well as cameos from today’s biggest stars.

The Special Collector’s Edition will also include a special Big Pun’s 10th Year Anniversary video segment and further unreleased material not seen on the original version. 

“We have worked very hard on this project and EMI will help to ensure that this film will reach further heights in the mass market.” – Vlad Yudin

This is a huge deal for The Big Pun Estate, Vlad Yudin, The Vladar Company and Jonathan Hay Publicity as EMI is one of the most recognizable companies in the history of the entertainment industry with such legendary artists as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Garth Brooks, Queen, Tina Turner and many more.

To say the least, Jonathan Hay Publicity is in good company…

Big Pun: The Legacy (The Special Collector’s Edtion) will be available everywhere in September of 2010!!!


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